Staff Profile

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Elaine Cressswell BSc, DipLD, CMLI
Director and Landscape Architect

Elaine is an enthusiastic Chartered Landscape Architect and director of reShaped, with over 15 years experience in the construction industry. She is currently leading the Landscape Institute Sustainability Working Group and an active member of the Landscape Institute Technical committee and Housing Working Groups.

Over her career, Elaine has purposefully specialised in the creation of well-designed sustainable places that are of importance to people. She believes that sustainable design is less about ‘Eco-bling‘ and more about making space useable and adding beauty and interest to peoples lives, whilst also sensitively integrating a development with its context and reusing existing resources.

Elaine has won many awards for her involvement in high profile projects such as the regeneration of Merthyr Tydfil and Wakefield including:
– LGN Pedestrain Realm Runner Up 2009 (Lower High Street)
– RTPI Regeneration Network Award 2009 (Merthyr Regeneration)
– BSCA Environment Gold Award 2009 (Merthyr Regeneration)
– Wakefield Civic Society Award 2011 (Burgage Square)
– RIBA Northern Network Award Shortlist (Burgage Square)

She is currently commissioned to design 41 Code 6 Ecohomes for Lancaster Cohousing, a nursery school for children with special needs and Estate rationalisation for RDASH NHS Mental Health Trust.