Pre-school Garden, Warren Nursery

Play tunnel from hollowed tree and colourful beach hut play shed
Play mounds
Pebble and craft shell beach areas for digging, counting and sorting
Mounded telly-tubby land for climbing and sitting
Textural sensory boundary fencing
Bug hotels from site-found materials
Timber stepping and balance logs
Ornamental water catchers to encourage wildlife
Sensory, edible and beautiful planting cheering up boring service buildings
even outside flowering season
Sand digging areas with found objects
Grand prix racing circuits
Beautiful drawing from the children showing tree socks on birch trees and concrete crocodile

Refurbishment of existing nursery grounds and creation of a a playful sensory landscape for the enjoyment, exercise and education of 2-5 year olds on a budget of £8,000

The garden has been designed to stimulate every sense, encourage questioning, storytelling, exploration and discovery. Two sleeping ‘play mound’ dragons form the backbone of the scheme, winding their way around and enclosing the reclaimed tyre sandpit and willow tunnel, across a beach, through the birch tree mini-beast area, around the climbing tree and under the bridge, to finally rest curled up together in a bamboo glade adjacent to a waterfall. Elsewhere in the garden, a grand prix tricycle track has been marked out and colourful and edible fruit and vegetables planted.

Many of the elements within the garden have been made by local craftsmen, the log play tunnel being one such example, beautifully carved out of a 1m wide log by Handspring Design. Other simpler elements such as the trellising, benches, mini-beast wood stack, bird houses and the mouse door has been constructed by RDASH woodworking studio as part of the therapy for mental health service users.

The Trust Board have instructed reShaped to prepare proposals for their entire nursery provision based on the success of this scheme.