Lancaster Cohousing Ecohomes

Creation of a communal landscape that promotes interaction
providing a car free pedestrian environment
with covered outdoor areas
outdoor sitting spaces overlooking the River Lune
and safe play spaces where children can run freely
Provision of a high quality environment using  low cost recycled pavers with attention to detail
All sections of the pedestrian street have their own unique identity
providing opportunities for doorstep planting
and personalisation
Efficient masterplanning and utilisation of site levels to nestle houses within developable area
between land ownership boundary,
rock outcrops and the River Lune flood plain
Lancaster Cohousing Overview

reShaped were commissioned by Camlin Lonsdale Landscape Architects to carry out inspections and construction detailing for a 41 unit carbon positive eco-cohousing scheme on the banks of the River Lune.  The design for which, purposefully encouraged interaction between neighbours, achieved Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6 and be affordable within a tight budget.

The scheme is located on the historic site of an old mill, spread over three terraces, with a 8m level change between the proposed carpool carpark and the existing Riverside footpath. Careful design of existing levels, maximisation of site assets, reuse site found materials, meeting Environment Agency requirements and control of contamination where therefore key considerations to achieving a viable scheme.