Designing Out Flooding


1) Plan developments within appropriate locations.
2) Design developments in floodplains well above the flood level, incorporating temporary
wetland areas into the greenspace network.
3) Increase the amount of time water takes between falling from the clouds to entering rivers.

This can be achieved by incorporating the following into site masterplans:
• Retention ponds
• Green roofs – which use low-maintenance planting to absorb and store water
• Swales – shallow ditches which store and filter water
• Permeable paving

Publications of Interest

Water Sensitive Urban Design Handbook (CIRIA)
Engineer Natures Way (Hyrdo)
SuDS Design (WWT, RSPB)

CIRIA also produce two very good publications ‘The SuDS Manual’ and ‘Construction of SuDS’ available for download on their web site following free registration.